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Gazing at the stars colored by NightAngelGirl

Within the arms of the beast of the dark, the angel of the night glowed in the moonlight. This is honestly quite beautiful, and you've ...

Infused with Mako by TMProjection

This is very beautiful, very eye-catching. The eyes are drawn to almost every detail on this image, you almost have to force yourself t...

Sombra Returns screenshot 1 by Mickeymonster

Very well done! :clap: The background is very detailed and reminds many viewers of King Sombra's dark lair (or even the place where he was i...

.:Someday:. by Enigma-Nyx

Oh...Wow. That is absolutely amazing, I love the hands on the keys. Very accurate. Also, Shadow looks very calm and collected, like he'...



Nicole the Frostwing by Just4Fun02
Nicole the Frostwing
(having chased it for some time, leaps onto the bandwagon and collapses)

Guess who finally managed to get their unsure lazy posterior onto the bandwagon? I'll give you three guesses. XD

After seeing :iconlilgrimmapple: start it off, I just watched as :iconcasualgamerartist:,:iconverothexeno:, :iconnightangelgirl::icondangerhillterror: and :iconjsommers94: also climbed on. It took off, and I was unsure what to decide on such as design, what species and how to color it without it looking like a rainbow barfed all over it.

I decided to look up the Silverwing books and TV series to see what I could learn (it was a long time since I last saw it, so I'm sure I've missed some information somewhere), and found a fan-site dedicated to them. Not only that, but there was a species of bats that are mentioned in the books but not the TV, known as the Frostwings (also identified to be the fictional name for a species of bat called the Hoary Bat). I researched on the Hoary Bat, and it's a Canadian-native average sized fluffy bat with dark colors accented by white specks that resemble a heavy coating of frost (like the name in the series!).

And get this, not only am I from Canada, but I've met players on Xbox 360 who often ask me how cold it is in Canada, and I have a small group of close-knit friends who nickname me the 'Fluffy Canadian'. Coincidence? I think NOT! XD

So here I am as the Fluffy Frostwing!

I took parts of the design, like the color of my fur and eyes, along with the size of my ears, from a gift made for me by :iconnightangelgirl: along with adjustments. The unique markings around the eyes of the hoary bat? Looks like glasses! And I added a human version because why not?

Silverwing belongs to their respective creators and the author of the series
Really Dude? by Just4Fun02
Really Dude?
While Destiny does irritate me sometimes, the funniest things can happen when no-one is expecting it.
Take for example my good friend JM here (yeah, SAME name as a certain squid-kid!), who somehow got his Sparrow up in the air, with nothing holding it up! It took a while for us to stop laughing in order to actually take the picture, hence why it's sadly blurry.
Worth it?

You bet it is! XD

Destiny is Bungie's.
JM belongs to himself.
Blurry photo is sadly mine.
I'm TOBI!!! by Just4Fun02
I'm TOBI!!!
While I couldn't get this costume ready for the Animethon, I did manage to get it figured out for Halloween (the place where I work allowed us to wear costumes on Halloween while working)! This compilation of photos was posted late however, because I know it wouldn't look great compared to the actual talented people with highly detailed costumes XD.

But here it is! I'm TOBI!

I did accidentally scare a child, but it wasn't how I looked, I just caught the poor girl unawares. Tobi is sorry. :(
Although, I did get called Pumpkinhead a few times. XD And my dog decided to get involved in the picture taking too!
GIFT: 3 Ladies and I by Just4Fun02
GIFT: 3 Ladies and I

Hello, I'm back.
I'm very sorry for the delays and lack of art lately. I've just been letting myself get distracted with videogames, or quit drawing because of how terrible they look halfway through. It just sucks. Again, I'm very sorry.

But there are 3 individuals who brought me into their fold and accepted me They're always chatting in comments (even when I reply VERY late) and have been supportive during troubling moments. To me, they're not just people I've met...they're wondrous individuals with unique interests and great personalities that makes them...well, them.

So, this image is not only meant as thanks, but a symbol of how much I care about you fine ladies.
To the top right, :icontoony-tornado:, a lady who has been a joy to get to know. From her foxy and fiery temper (accentuated by her flaming red locks), to her caring and humourous side. A bright shining star of happiness. May your smile never falter.

The top left, :iconnightangelgirl:, a lady who shares the same love for the Silverwing series (both the books and the TV show) and enjoys writing great stories which accentuate a more romantic side. Her quiet but friendly nature is evident in her comments, and the calm always helps in my storms. Let your light shine.

At the bottom left is last, but NEVER least, :icondisgaeagirl565:, a lady who loves a certain Vampiric Digimon and the many themes of darkness, and is not afraid to speak her mind. She also has a great sense of humour, with which has got me laughing behind the screen many a time. Don't change.

Thank you for your support and I hope to pay you back in kind. :)

This was made on AzaleasDolls, Goddess Maker.
If you steal're an ass.

MORE Splatoon OCs? by Just4Fun02
MORE Splatoon OCs?
I'm so sorry...but yus.
In the past few weeks I have gotten fewer shifts at work, which gave me a lot of free time. Most of that free time was spent playing Destiny with friends, but also Disney Infinity 3.0 and Splatoon.

While playing Splatoon, I remembered that teams consisted of 4 members...but I only had 2, Maia and JM. This meant that during turf wars, the two would have to play with random players. On the days that I checked out DeviantArt, I noticed that some artists created person even made 4 different teams!! 0_0

Not only that, but I watched a video on Gajin Goombah's Youtube channel about Splatoon, where Aki explains that Inklings are designed with traits similar to that of the Japanese Flying Squid. I figured that if some Inklings resembled the Japanese Flying Squid, maybe there could be Inklings that resembled other species of squid. Thus, I created Reid, an Inkling based on the Humboldt Squid (which can be found in the waters of California) with longer tentacles and a bit of a tan (maybe even an accent XD).

On the Splatoon MiiVerse posts, I noticed that some players were talking about the possibility of Octolings becoming playable characters in the game. This caused me to think about a possible peace-treaty between Inklings and Octarians (aka the Octolings) which may allow for this to happen. It also triggered thoughts about having an Octoling (based off a species of octopus) as a team member. Thus, while playing Splatoon, I began experimenting with weapons and playstyles (which then became strategies and weapons used by them). Then the drawing process...:iconheaddeskplz: Meeh, the details!

My greatest struggle was with the Octoling's eyes...because usually they always wore eye covering goggles. The constant erasing drove me nuts! XD Plus, I was trying to figure out what species of octopus to use, when I found images of the Giant Octopus. Since they're larger than most species of most squid and octopi, I figured she'd be a little taller than the average Inkling and have very long tentacles.

With that out of the way, let's meet the other two members of Team Paint!! (Name is temporary, suggestions welcome. ^_^')

Name: Reid
Eye Color: Purple
Skin Color: Heavily Tanned
Favorite Colors: Lime Green, Pink, Yellow-Orange, Orange
Favorite Weapons: Blaster, L-3 Nozzlenose D, Splattershot

Info: A playful prankster in Inkopolis who has no problem messing with opponents during turf wars. While he does cover turf, he prefers using bombs and explosive shots to make a real mess or startle opponents before going in for the splat. He often makes taunts during these matches, only to surprise others by saying “Good game!” to other players after the match. He absolutely loves hanging out in the sun with friends, joking around and playing arcade games, or group-dancing to music. He often says phrases like: “I’m the BOMB!” or “Correction! I’m Awesome!”

Name: Toralee or Tora
Eye Color: Yellow
Skin Color: Pale Peach
Favorite Colors: Turquoise, Purple, Red-Orange, Blue
Favorite Weapons: Aerospray MG, Tentatek Splattershot, Neo Splash-O-Matic

Info: Thanks to the Inkling-Octoling peace treaty, Inklings and Octolings (or Octarians) are able to hang out in Inkopolis as well as participate in turf wars. Tora struggled to find a team that would accept her due to her appearance and turf war strategy. She focuses on protecting teammates and splatting opponents quickly than covering turf. Tora tends to be serious and aggressive during matches, stoic around strangers, but awkward when with friends. In truth, she cares about her new friends…even when Reid drives her crazy with his pranks.

This took a great deal of time, especially with how hard the weapons and details were to draw (ie; the letters on the clothes...and Tora), and I feel quite proud of it.

Let me know what you think!

Inklings and weapons are copyright of the creators of Splatoon
Reid and Tora are mine, I love them dearly! Steal, and I'll send an Inkstrike. -_-

I've been doing a lot of thinking, trying to get back into the drawing mentality, only to lose any progress made. But now, I know what I've done. It was stupid and it cost me...and hurt all of you.

I made drawing a chore.
A list of things to be done.
Specifics, details, all on a neat little list.
A List that would grow each day, yet never be started.

I'm just kicking myself right did I not notice? Stupid.

I've decided...No more lists, no more "I should try this". I'm done with it.
I'll draw what I wish to draw, when I feel like it.
The list is now deleted and removed. Hopefully this makes for an improvement.

See you all on the other side, and I'm sorry for dragging all of you into this mess.


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Nicole Anderson
Artist | Student | Other
Loves Videogames, manga, anime, reading and singing when I get the chance and am alone. The small, shy girl who likes to make friends. :)

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