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Gazing at the stars colored by NightAngelGirl

Within the arms of the beast of the dark, the angel of the night glowed in the moonlight. This is honestly quite beautiful, and you've ...

Infused with Mako by TMProjection

This is very beautiful, very eye-catching. The eyes are drawn to almost every detail on this image, you almost have to force yourself t...

Sombra Returns screenshot 1 by Mickeymonster

Very well done! :clap: The background is very detailed and reminds many viewers of King Sombra's dark lair (or even the place where he was i...

.:Someday:. by Enigma-Nyx

Oh...Wow. That is absolutely amazing, I love the hands on the keys. Very accurate. Also, Shadow looks very calm and collected, like he'...



Ink and Water by Just4Fun02
Ink and Water
Thank you so much for volunteering to help Team Paint learn how to swim!
I'm sorry that I had to head out, work called and they needed extra hands to help out.
But I think you'll do fine! They don't know how to swim, but I kinda shrunk them. Y'know, to make it a little easier to help them.
And take care of them for the day...sorry, they wanted me in all day.
I'll give you some tips though, so you'll do fine!

1) JM is afraid of water. Some of the turf war stages were the worst for this...especially since he wasn't used to them and just ran off. Just be patient and encouraging.
2) Reid is sure to do just to make you proud of him, as well as to lead the rest of the team.
3) Maia will listen to you without a problem, just be ready to answer questions and play with her.
4) Tora will be Tora...keep an eye on her, yeah?
5) I also have mini life-jackets for them. Work with them first.

As for the rest of day, feel free to have some fun! I'll come get them in the morning.
Thank you so much!

Just4Fun02 (Nicole)

Inklings and Octolings belong to creators of SPLATOON!! Woomy!!
My babies are mine!
Memories of Sunny Vacation in Maui Imminent!
Proceed with Caution.

Just4Fun02 will not be taking any responsibility for increased desires to travel to Maui, or fervent desires to see the sun and stuff.

You have been warned.

Art by Me. No Touch.
People Beware... by Just4Fun02
People Beware...
It's the Adorab-I mean -Infamous Tabletop Trio!
Just call them at 1-800-socute and we'll gift them free of charge!

Starring the cunning Leader, :icontoony-tornado:, the Sweetheart :iconnightangelgirl:, and the Dorky Clutz :iconjust4fun02: (yours truly)!!!, a Minish troop only a few inches tall, yet they are more than able to cause mischief. Except for Clutz...she just fails. Even in pockets (proof is above). Ashley the Sweetheart will win you over with her cuteness and fluffiness, where as Toony is always up to something. Best way to get her to behave?

Chocolate Chip Cookies. Works every time.

Minish are from creators of Legend of Zelda!
We belong to each other, as fwiends!
Harry Potter OC: Mallora Vareene by Just4Fun02
Harry Potter OC: Mallora Vareene
This character has been so far in my mind, it took some time to flesh out her design fully. Plus it took time to research the courses she'd teach and her wand type. But here she is!

"A pleasure to meet you. I am Mallore Vareene, Hogwarts Professor of 3rd Year Divination and Astronomy. You may refer to me as Professor Vareene, NOT the 'Walking Mirror'. Shall we begin?"

"If you cannot be honest with yourself, how can you be honest with others?"

Name: Mallora Vareene
Age: 31
Gender: Female
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 160 lbs

Hair Color: Blue-Black
Skin Color: Lightly tanned, right side burned heavily
Eye Color: Ice blue left eye, milky white right eye

Wand Type: Willow wood with unicorn hair core
Spell Preferences: ice/water spells, certain light spells (uncomfortable with flames), defensive spells, locking/unlocking spells

A tall elegant figure, usually in flowing robes and dresses designed to be simple yet be able to catch one's attention. Although, she almost always draws attention from the very thing that originated the moniker 'Walking Mirror': the mirror covering her face in public (this is due to the burn scars covering the left side of her face and body-there will be a story eventually). She's a stoic, yet gentle soul who focuses on self-reflection and restraint in her teachings. At times she can be distant (especially when questions become personal), but she will offer tutoring and also volunteers as an aid in Defense of the Dark Arts.

NOTE: NOT CANON (future of Hogwarts, past Harry Potter's Time)

Let me know what you think!

Harry Potter belongs to J.K Rowling
Mallora is mine!
Proof by Just4Fun02
Title says it all, from the original Trilogy up to the Force Awakens, I'm such a StarWars fan.
I have no regrets! XD

StarWars is George Lucas and Disney
I'm me...duh.
I've been doing a lot of thinking, trying to get back into the drawing mentality, only to lose any progress made. But now, I know what I've done. It was stupid and it cost me...and hurt all of you.

I made drawing a chore.
A list of things to be done.
Specifics, details, all on a neat little list.
A List that would grow each day, yet never be started.

I'm just kicking myself right did I not notice? Stupid.

I've decided...No more lists, no more "I should try this". I'm done with it.
I'll draw what I wish to draw, when I feel like it.
The list is now deleted and removed. Hopefully this makes for an improvement.

See you all on the other side, and I'm sorry for dragging all of you into this mess.


Just4Fun02's Profile Picture
Nicole Anderson
Artist | Student | Other
Loves Videogames, manga, anime, reading and singing when I get the chance and am alone. The small, shy girl who likes to make friends. :)

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