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I had been watching Disney and Dreamworks movies for quite some time. Honestly, some of them now are not as enjoyable as when I was a little girl. I guess it's due to several different factors, but there are some things that I still love about many of the Disney Movies of the past. But one movie did something unusual, but I'll need to explain this a bit more before I get the weird label.

Spirit of the Cimmaron, the story where the main character is that of a wild mustang. This mustang (named Spirit) faces many challenges to find his way home, after being captured and held in a settler's fort. One of the characters in that Fort, whom manages to successfully ride the horse after Spirit bucks almost the entire garrison off (one by one). At times, this "Colonel", as he is later addressed, seems cruel in his methods to make Spirit become a loyal, obedient horse. But at one key point (no spoilers), he shows the utmost respect in the most unexpected way. What also interests me is that he has plenty of power in the movie, but does not exercise it for petty matters just to show it off.

Not only that, but everyone knows him as the Colonel, there is no mention of his own name, let alone who he is as a character. There is no background on him either. It makes quite the mysterious character. But another thing I couldn't help but notice is how he looked. He isn't portrayed as ridiculously buff or skinny, but he is more in the middle of those two extremes. He also had very light brown shoulder length hair with a matching color moustache and goatee (or is it a soul patch). His eyes are a darker brown, and in the movie, they almost appear to be black when in the shade of his hat. From what I can guess, the "Colonel" is approximately in his late 20's and early 30's with regards to age. When it comes to his dress, he is usually in his military uniform, with the gloves and hat off in certain scenes. When he speaks, it is often with authority and his voice does not make the automatic "don't trust this man" reaction from me. With the battle of wills (almost like a rodeo), there are times when he encourages Spirit with "c'mon mustang" rather than belittling him and instead of insulting him when the battle is lost, he simply uses the opportunity to give an encouraging speech to his own men. Looking at him now, he seems like a man who will fight the good fight and give it his all, and in the cases that he loses, he knows when to stand down and let the issue be forgotten (as well as respecting the victor). He will also let the opposition fight as long as they can before declaring victory, encouraging that the opposition also give it their all. His motives and his heart seem to be in the right place, although some of his methods are not exactly agreeable to some.

There are some individuals who may disagree with me, and I accept that. This is not meant to sway your own opinion, but to let my own be heard. I honestly like the Colonel as an individual and I wish to know more of his character. To me, he is not the stereotypical bad guy, but more of the literal antagonist who followed his own directives which happened to butt heads with Spirit's.


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Nicole Anderson
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Loves Videogames, manga, anime, reading and singing when I get the chance and am alone. The small, shy girl who likes to make friends. :)

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